The Greenhouse

Welcome to the financial Greenhouse. Everything you need to know to smash your goals and nail the course!

Duration: 10 Weeks
Location: Online

Commences: Mon, 16 September
Doors Close: Mon, 9 September




Get your finances firing with our flagship financial literacy program designed to transform your relationship with money and grow your wealth for good. Learn all of the financial basics from paying off debt to managing your cashflow, and how to get started with investing to getting your super sorted — all with lifetime access for as long as the program exists. We also help protect you from catching Affluenza, Sexually Transmitted Debts (the other STDs) or Comparisonitis — those nasty sons of bishes that keep you from achieving financial freedom and independence, on your terms.

Perfect for you if…

  • You’re sick of being in debt or feeling ‘bad’ with money
  • You are keen as a bean to make some juicy money moves
  • You want to be part of a judgement and jargon-free community that’s got your back
  • You want to smash old money beliefs and habits that feel like shit
  • You know you could be awesome with money if you had the right guidance

Why a ‘Greenhouse’?

Give us a hot minute to get all Costa Georgiadis on you, and then tell us if this is not *exactly* what you need for your finances…

  • Greenhouses are a sunny and intentional space for growth
  • They thrive when there are different species who all help support each other and create a diverse ecosystem
  • With a little nurturing and attention, they pay you back in spades (and flowers)
  • Mistakes are common, and all celebrated as part of the process
  • They provide shelter and protection from external events, especially for younger plants that are just starting out
  •  No two are the same — there are lots of different types of greenhouses based on what people need

Plus, green is another word for money, and the colour of ethical investing. Got it? We knew you would.

The Buzz

Greenhouse Member

“Over the last 10 weeks I’ve been taking part in a financial literacy program called The Greenhouse with Jessica Brady. Jess has got me feeling confident in an area that I have never understood well (and put off learning because I’ve often found it complicated and confusing). It’s been a great way to move at my own pace, set goals and be held accountable by Jess and the community group. I’ve been wanting to improve my financial literacy for so long and I’m glad I’ve kick started my journey with Jess’ Greenhouse program.”

Greenhouse Member

“Jess, who I’ve known for over a decade, is one of those intuitive people who can make logical sense of unexplained discomfort and provide clarity and the comfort of an action plan through to a resolution. It’s a rare and precious gift that I’ve leant on many times both professionally and personally.”

Greenhouse Member

“For almost the past 10 weeks, I have been a member of Jess’ program, “The Greenhouse” and what an incredible journey it’s been! It’s honestly been the financial resource and program I’ve been waiting for! I have listened to podcasts, read blogs, researched all things finance and investing, but I’ve always felt there was a missing link between the knowledge I’d gained through this, and actually putting it into play and working towards securing financial freedom (and there was no way I could afford to actually go and see a Financial Advisor $$$$).”

Greenhouse Member

“8 weeks ago, I was terrified of learning about money. I stuck my head in the sand and just thought it was going to be all too hard…Then I joined The Greenhouse. Jess and her team make learning about money FUN! It’s so enjoyable to do each week and I am already kicking goals. I’ve seen my credit card debt go down, I’ve seen my savings go up and I am on top of my Super (which is so incredible). I’ve got long term and short-term goals set out which has made life easy AND I have learnt a lot about myself along the way. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone enough!!”

With three intakes a year, wanna grab your gardening gloves and join our thriving Greenhouse gang?