Who said learning about money has to be f*cking boring?

No bullshit online money programs to help you achieve financial freedom and independence in line with your goals and values.




Welcome to the home of freshly squeezed financial realness.

Hi, I’m a qualified financial adviser, business owner and proud dog mama, Jessica Brady. You can think of me as your ‘go-to finance gal’ or your slightly sweary financial fairy f*cking godmother, here to dish up freshly squeezed financial realness — no pulp.

I desperately want to see you live your best life, no matter your gender or current bank balance, and I’ve provided advice to hundreds of young professionals, women and LGBTQIA+ people, as well as small business owners, and counting.

We are working hard to build a thriving and inclusive community where people exactly like you feel safe, celebrated and supported to take the next step on their money journey.

The Greenhouse

Our flagship financial literacy program, designed to transform your relationship with money and grow your wealth. Over 10 weeks, learn all of the financial basics you need in a fun and no bullshit way. Think: bite-sized videos. Do-at-home worksheets, checklists and journals. Weekly community calls. And lifetime access to the program.

Evergreen Money Club

Available exclusively for our Greenhouse alumni, these monthly financial accountability sessions and expert Masterclasses are jam-packed with the latest in ethical finance and investing (in real speak) to help you keep your financial strategy up to date no matter what’s going on around you.

Financial Wellness 101

The way we see it: financial self-care should be part of every employee wellness program. We can design a bespoke financial wellness package for your team or organisation, sharing everything from how to achieve financial freedom to making the most of staff benefit programs or share schemes.

The Buzz

Greenhouse Member

“Jess, who I’ve known for over a decade, is one of those intuitive people who can make logical sense of unexplained discomfort and provide clarity and the comfort of an action plan through to a resolution. It’s a rare and precious gift that I’ve leant on many times both professionally and personally.”

Greenhouse Member

“For almost the past 10 weeks, I have been a member of Jess’ program, “The Greenhouse” and what an incredible journey it’s been! It’s honestly been the financial resource and program I’ve been waiting for! I have listened to podcasts, read blogs, researched all things finance and investing, but I’ve always felt there was a missing link between the knowledge I’d gained through this, and actually putting it into play and working towards securing financial freedom (and there was no way I could afford to actually go and see a Financial Advisor $$$$).”

Greenhouse Member

“Over the last 10 weeks I’ve been taking part in a financial literacy program called The Greenhouse with Jessica Brady. Jess has got me feeling confident in an area that I have never understood well (and put off learning because I’ve often found it complicated and confusing). It’s been a great way to move at my own pace, set goals and be held accountable by Jess and the community group. I’ve been wanting to improve my financial literacy for so long and I’m glad I’ve kick started my journey with Jess’ Greenhouse program.”

Greenhouse Member

“8 weeks ago, I was terrified of learning about money. I stuck my head in the sand and just thought it was going to be all too hard…Then I joined The Greenhouse. Jess and her team make learning about money FUN! It’s so enjoyable to do each week and I am already kicking goals. I’ve seen my credit card debt go down, I’ve seen my savings go up and I am on top of my Super (which is so incredible). I’ve got long term and short-term goals set out which has made life easy AND I have learnt a lot about myself along the way. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone enough!!”

*Actually* get that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Say so long, farewell to…

  • Guilt and shame about money
  • Thinking you’re ‘bad’ with money
  • Feeling out of the loop in money conversations
  • Feeling stuck or making the same money ‘mistakes’

and hells-to-the-yassss to…

  • Confidence, freedom and independence
  • Finances aligned with your goals and values
  • Being a smug bish because you know $TUFF
  • Investing and saving with confidence
  • Growing your wealth on your terms

From gentle taps on the shoulder to not-so-gentle kicks up the toosh — we want to help you sashay your way to meaningful, measurable progress on your financial goals. Are you ready to get your money groove on?

You can have your cupcake and eat it too (delicious).

After 17+ years’ experience working with some of the biggest names in finance, I am convinced that our current economic system is far more complicated than it needs to be. And the worst part is — it’s not a coincidence. Complicated and acronym-tastic jargon keeps most people locked out of financial freedom, and those ‘in charge’ are pretty keen to keep it that way while distracting us with cupcakes. Well, we think it’s time everyone had the chance to have their cupcake and eat it too.

It’s time for a new money memoir. One that you get to write.

This corner (or windowsill) of the internet exists to fight for a world where everyone has access to high quality, unbiased and low-cost financial information; resources that make them feel excited and capable of achieving their goals. And that means you. And her. And them. It means getting more money in the hands of more women and LGBTIQA+ people. More money in the hands of more people of colour, people with disabilities, single parents, sex workers, and basically anyone who doesn’t look like the current head of the Reserve Bank (we’ll let you Google). Want to learn how to rewrite your money memoir and take control of your financial future?