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Get ready to grow your wealth without the shame, guilt or boring bits.

You got bills, now let’s get you the skills. It’s time to transform your relationship with money and take action on your finances, no matter your current bank balance. We can help you be more intentional and ethical about how you spend, save, and invest, all delivered in our signature sass-filled and no bullshit-style.

The financial world is far more complicated than it needs to be. And we believe everyone has the right to access high quality, unbiased and low-cost financial information that makes them feel excited and capable of achieving their goals. Whether you sign up for one of our programs, hear us speak at an event, or are part of one of our corporate financial wellness programs, the JB guarantee is that they are accessible, accountable, values-driven, and worth it.


worth it

As a qualified and licensed financial adviser, we say what we mean and mean what we say — serving financial realness that is tangible, practical and accredited. We create inclusive and judgement-free spaces to learn about money, with no shame, no guilt, and certainly no bullshit. Ain’t nobody going to sell you any financial products (plus legally we can’t, phew) or tell you to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. Instead, we are committed to helping you build strong financial foundations and make meaningful, measurable progress towards your goals so we can get more money in the hands of more people.

Sound like something you can get on board with?